All of your Toledo Mini photographs are free to download and share. We’ll have photographers at the start lines, on the course and at the finish line to capture all the runners in action. We’ll publish all the images online in a few different locations within 24 hours of the finish. Be sure to follow us online to get realtime notifications when they’re available.

  1. Searchable images will be available directly from your results page — if your bib is visible in the photos, they’ll appear directly under your results.
  2. Setting photos will be published to our Facebook page and other social profiles.
  3. The full album will be published in our Flickr Photostream.

Do you want to be featured in a future Toledo Mini promotion? Keep an eye out for our photographers and express your joy in the moment. We may just use that image somewhere.

Tips for being seen by photographers:

  1. Make sure your bib is fully visible on the front of your torso.
  2. Run in the open. Don’t nest behind a bunch of other runners in front of you.
  3. Expect photos to be taken 50 yards to 5 feet from the photographer. Some photographers will use telephoto lenses, and others will use wide angle lenses, depending on the setting.
  4. Make a scene when you see the photographers.

Finish line video will also be available directly from your results page. We upload HD video, so keep checking your results for the 24-72 hours after the race to view yours.